May Day

This afternoon I managed to make it briefly to the Free University in Madison Square Park, just in time to catch the end of the event. I joined the march down to Union Square with a colleague I ran into in Madison Park and wandered around a bit. The sky cleared up for the afternoon, so it was beautiful, sunny–even hot–which seemed to add a lightness to the whole proceedings.

I ran into another colleague who, together with a friend, created May Day radio. I was given one of their “tiny transmitters” (how much did I love saying this phrase repeatedly?), and managed to learn enough about how to use it to explain it to others. During this tech tutorial, I ran into Jenna Freedman of the Barnard Zine Library, who took me to the People’s Library where I handed off the tiny transmitter to folks who actually had meaningful stuff to transmit.

So many inspired, clever, beautiful, angry, hopeful contributions to this day. I left Union Square to make dinner for MB feeling truly optimistic about the future we’re making.

About Jessica Hochman

I am an assistant professor at Pratt Institute in the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) where I also coordinate the LMS Program (school librarians, for the uninitiated). I live in Brooklyn, NY.
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