First LIS 680 Meeting Fall 2012

First day of class was Monday. The week before Labor Day always seems like kind of a false start to me. How can I be teaching while I’m still craving the beach and stuffing myself daily with peaches and tomatoes? But, I was excited to meet my Fall LIS 680 Instructional Technologies students and take a look at the semester ahead with them. This term, in addition to podcasting, we’re going to be experimenting with video production for “flipped” classroom teaching. I will be making my video debut soon, so stay tuned. I’m sure there will be a phenomenal blooper reel.

I was surprised to learn that zero students in the class were in the LMS Program (since this course is required for school library folks), and none of them are interested in youth services. I typically try to connect student groups to experts in the field who will mentor them through their lesson planning process; in past semesters mentors have been school librarians, academic librarians, and public librarians who work with youth, in special collections, or in outreach coordination. This fall, it’s all about older adults; over half of my students want to think about serving this group and I have very few resources in this area.

I’m excited to reach out to folks in public libraries who work with older adults because like these students, I genuinely see the need for services for this growing group who have a range of abilities and needs when it comes to technology. Looking forward to learning more with my students about this, and hoping to find some great mentors in the process!

About Jessica Hochman

I am an assistant professor at Pratt Institute in the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) where I also coordinate the LMS Program (school librarians, for the uninitiated). I live in Brooklyn, NY.
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