LIS 690/692: Student Teaching

LIS 690 Student Teaching I: Elementary School Libraries 

LIS 692 Student Teaching II: Secondary School Libraries

Bulletin Description: These courses consists of 20 days of full-time experience in Grade 1-6 level(LIS 690) and Grade 7-12(LIS 692) level library media centers in a variety of communities where library media specialists interact with classroom teachers and parents/caregivers and students who are economically disadvantaged, English language learners, disabled or have special needs. Students attend a weekly seminar in which the needed knowledge base in the State Learning Standards are related to library media programs and services for various developmental stages of children and how the library media specialist can enhance and support student growth and learning. Emphasis is on techniques for building collaborative learning environments wherein the learning and independence of students with disabilities and the listening, speaking reading, and writing skills of all students at the childhood level are enhanced.

Most Recent LIS 690 Student Teaching I Syllabus: Fall 2015

Most Recent LIS 692 Student Teaching II Syllabus: Spring 2015

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